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A golden light shed over the temple and reflected off the Nityananda murti, lifelike statue, as we sang.Little Thunderbolt Pose Yoga I didn’t understand what I was reading along with, but I noticed a considerable improvement in my ability to pronounce the long Sanskrit words after the past weekend’s retreat we had just come from. 1 couldn’t help but compare the two ashrams, and immediately likened them to the differences between the Catholic and Protestant churches I had studied and visited. This ashram was like the Vatican of ashrams, and I could see how it might be an easy target of criticism for its opulence. However, the mood, or bhav, was exalted in its beauty. I was in a new head space following the retreat.Little Thunderbolt Pose Yoga I was attempting to refrain from passing judgment on anything if I could help it. Many Eastern religions tend to concentrate more on the experiential than the intellectual.

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