Lizard Lunge Yoga Pose

Lizard Lunge Yoga Pose

Utthan Pristhasana

This lunge is a deep hip stretch and is a great way to prepare for more advanced hip openers. It also strengthens and stretches the thighs, knees, and chest.

QUALITY Grounding, calming EFFECT Flexibility PROPS Blocks GAZE Forward and down

1 Make your way into Downward-Facing Dog Pose. As you inhale, raise your right leg, bend your knee, and reach your right heel toward your left sit bone to open up your hip. As you exhale, step your right foot up to the outside of your right hand and walk your right foot to the right edge of your mat. If the stretch is too intense, come onto your fingertips. For a deep hip stretch, place blocks under your hands and open your knee to the right while grounding down into your right big toe.

2 Sink down into your hips as you lift your chest and gaze forward. Release your back knee down, if needed. Release your forearms to the ground for an even deeper hip stretch.

3 Stay in the Yoga Pose for 3 breaths, deepening the stretch with each exhale.

4 Step forward with the left leg. Repeat with the right leg.

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