Locust Yoga Pose

Locust Yoga Pose


This is a powerful Yoga Pose for correcting poor, slouching posture by lifting the shoulders, stretching the chest, and strengthening the whole back body and spine. This pretty Yoga Pose is also believed to stimulate digestion, elimination, and fertility. Practicing it regularly will help prepare you for some of the deeper backbends.

QUALITY Energizing, grounding EFFECT Strength, stimulation, open chest PROPS Blanket GAZE Forward and up

1 Begin by lying facedown on your mat. Place a blanket under your hip bones if they’re sensitive. Place your arms down on the ground by your sides and your forehead to the ground with your chin tucked in toward your chest.

2 Press down with the tops of your feet and hamstrings and stretch your arms back toward your feet, and begin to lift your head, shoulders, chest, and upper ribs off the ground. Keep your chin tucked slightly in to protect your neck.

3 Lift your legs off the ground using your inner thighs, and stretch your body up by pressing your peb and belly down.

4 Stay here for 3 to 5 breaths, with your gaze on the ground a few inches in front of you. Draw your legs into each other and widen your chest by drawing your shoulder blades back and closer together. When you’re ready, lower down to the mat with your cheek to one side.

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