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Some people might say – yoga as a commodity, and so what? The issue is, that as soon as an aspect of our lives (like caring, health, security, food, sport, holidays, love, yoga, friendship, education, transport) is turned into a commodity, it will start to change dramatically. Commodification (Wikipedia link) is like a strong magnetic field: as soon any piece of iron enters such a field it is controlled by the magnetic powers of the field. This was what Karl Marx investigated.

He tried to identify the power and logical rules of a society where one of the most crucial aspects of our lives – labour – has turned into a commodity. He called such a society capitalist’. He argued that commodification meant release of unimaginable dynamic forces. Changes would happen with increased speed. Products would have to transform, specialise, refine and improve with increasing speed. There would be tendencies towards cartels, monopoly and increased exploitation around the product and so on.

Let us investigate how this applies to yoga: the effects of the commercialisation on yoga itself. Market dynamics had replaced the intimate student-guru relationship.

This action provides vertical space in these saddle-shaped joints Lord of the Dance Pose Yoga. You will find symmetrical and asymmetrical poses interspersed here. The asymmetrical ones are more challenging Lord of the Dance Pose Yogaand opening, the symmetrical ones more stabilizing, neutralizing, and strengthening. Try them all, and then focus on the ones that do what you need. Purpose: To provide space and stability in the sacroiliac area. Contraindication: Total hip replacement. Props: A yoga mat and a block. Avoiding pitfalls: Stay aware and work patiently.

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