Lower Back Pain Yoga Poses

Lower Back Pain Yoga Poses


Benefits: This flow targets all of the muscles in the core, helping to sculpt, tone, and flatten tummies of every shape. Make sure, as with all of the flows, to keep the navel pulled in and up in order to reap all of the toning benefits.

Ardha Chandrasana Pada Hastasana Series (Half Moon

With Hands To Feet Series)

From Tadasana, raise your arms over your head, interlacing the fingers and releasing the index fingers. Squeeze the palms of the hands together and try to keep the biceps close to the ears. Gently push your hips forward as you begin to bend from the hips to the right. Reach the arms back as you continue to press the thighs forward. Keep your chin lifted and the chest open. Hold the pose for five breaths then come back to center before repeating on the other side.

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Keeping the hands in the same position, readjust your arms so that the biceps are once again squeezing in towards the ears. Spread across your collarbones and gently press your hips and thighs forward, squeezing the buttocks to protect your lower back as you begin to bend backwards. Use your fingers to trace a line in the air behind you, dropping your head to follow. Stay in the backbend for as long as you can – although it is tough to take a full, deep breath it is important to not hold your breath. Slowly come back up to stand when you are finished with the series – repeat if you want!

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