Squat and place your feet 30 degrees outward. Grab your ankles with your palms to transfer your attention and energy down to earth.

INHALE, pull the energy through the feet up into your pelvis.

EXHALE, distribute this flow inside your pelvis, relaxing and softening the muscles and opening the hip joints.

Repeat for 4 breath cycles.


From Malasana. raise the pelvis up raligning your whole torso parallel to the ground. Rotate your knees and feet parallel to each other. Exhaling, extend your arms straight forward.

INHALE, pull energy from the earth into your pelvis.

EXHALE, push this wave out of your pelvis along the back and spine, toward your head, and out of your arms into space, breathing through and cleansing the back energy body.

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In Malasana. raise your pelvis, turn your shoulders deeply into the thighs, and place your palms on earth behind your feet.

Lower your thighs onto your shoulders and lift your legs off the earth. Cross your ankles Breathe naturally for 4 cycles.


Lie down on your back. Bend your knees so that your feet face each other and lie closer to your pelvis. Lay your arms along your sides, palms down, to release the tension down to the earth.

INHALE, pull the energy up through the perineum into the pelvis.

EXHALE, relax, soften, and further open the hip joints.

Stay for 4-6 breaths, concentrating on the feeling of softening and dissolution of tension in the pelvic area.

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