Marichi’s Pose Yoga III, Seated twist

Though it requires a good sense of balance and concentration the rooster has a reputation for vigilance, the benefits are valuable.Marichi’s Pose Yoga III, Seated twist It improves digestive function and stimulates the heart and lungs.Marichi’s Pose Yoga III, Seated twist Another posture with similar benefits is tolasana scale pose-, which strengthens the wrists, hands, and abdomen, as well. As I touched on earlier, many people, including myself, have at one point asked the question, Can I practice yoga if I am a Christian? A Jew? A Muslim? Having been raised as a member of a particular religion or sect, it can be difficult to imagine opening up to a practice that has roots in so many other traditions, especially traditions distant from our own.

But if we consider yoga as its most basic definition its true meaning we realize that yoga in fact transcends religion. I practice yoga and Catholicism simultaneously, and never feel any disconnect or conflict in doing so. In fact, I feel that my exploration of yoga has deepened my existing faith, because it has opened my mind to such a degree that I see the common sutras or threads in all things. If being a Catholic was originally intended to mean sharing universal values, then it is my duty to broaden my mmd as much as I possibly can.

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