Marichyasana for Beginners

Marichyasana for Beginners

Marichyasana is a twisting pose that can be very challenging for beginners; however, there is a variation that makes it easier to achieve the pose and to develop the flexibility that will allow you to eventually achieve the full marichyasana.

Start by sitt’ng on the floor with your back straight and your legs straight out in front of you; palms on the floor either side of your hips, and your toes pulled back so that they are pointing up to the ceiling. Bend your right knee up, bringing your right foot right up, so that your leg is as bent as far as it can be. Make sure that you have allowed about the width of one hand between your right foot and your left thigh.

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Inhale as you straighten your spine, lifting it up, and then, as you exhale, slowly rotate your right thigh to bring your knee across to the left. At the same time, lift your left arm and twist your torso at the waist, positioning your left arm over your right knee so that the back of your left shoulder is against the outside of your right knee. Make sure that you do not lean back, and keep your chest close to your right thigh.

Your left arm is now wrapped over your right leg, with the palm facing up. The next step is to twist your arm, to face the palm down as you wrap it around the knee, holding it in place. Position your left hand on your left hip, with the palm facing out and the knee in the middle of the arm. As you exhale, reach around your back with your right arm, and grasp the wrist of your right arm with your left hand to hold it in position. Turn your head to look over your right shoulder. This will cause a twist and rotation in your shoulders and spine.

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