Meaning Of Yoga Poses

Meaning Of Yoga Poses

Lung and Large Intestine

Next up is Metal element. Let’s have a look at the 5 elements to see where the Metal Element sits within this dynamic play.

When we look at figure 1.3 we can see that the Metal Element is supported by the Earth element in the Shen (nurturing) cycle and the Fire element supports Metal in the Ko (controlling) cycle. I will talk a little more about the Earth element and Fire element later on.



Autumn (Metal Element) is the transformational period from the expansive energy of summer to the more introverted energy of winter. Because we are moving away from the energy of summer, it’s a time to start slowing things down, time to tie up loose ends, refine ones character and let go of the things, ideas and goals that don’t serve us any longer. The organs associated with autumn are the lungs and large intestine. Both these organs play a large part in the detoxification of the body and this is also relevant to the detoxification of the mind – meaning it’s a time to let go of any grudges or things that tie us too our past and clear some space for being in the now.

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Let’s have a look at these organs function from both a Western medical perspective and a Chinese medical perspective.

Metal Organ Physiology

Let’s have a look at the Lung and Large Intestine functions from both a Western medical perspective and an Oriental medical perspective. Again, in most cases, they are both very similar; the main difference being that Oriental medicine adds an energetic and psychological component to the organs.

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