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If you’re looking for some peace and wellbeing as Christmas nears, chances are you’ll be contemplating a spot of meditation. With scientific evidence proving that anxiety levels drop after just one session of zen time, there’s plenty of benefits to enjoy on a physical and mental level – from lower blood pressure to increased energy levels, improved immunity and greater self-awareness.

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However, for many of us, ‘conventional’ meditation, which involves sitting and focusing in silence for long periods, either in a group or alone with the help of an app, just don’t cut it. Incessant chatter in our head distracts us, we start to get twitchy, itchy and fidgety, and before we know it we’ve given up. If this rings true with you, you’re in luck as a number of new styles are emerging that are designed to promote wellness and peace of mind in a different way. ‘There really is a flavour of meditation for everybody’s taste,’ says meditation teacher and life coach Gail Love Schock (

‘The key is to connect to something you can truly enjoy.’

MEDITATION Discover new and unexpected ways to evoke inner calm and take a leap into happiness When it comes to the tranquillity-inducing practice, we are all unique and one size simply doesn’t fit all. ‘The key is to connect to something you look forward to returning to; something you can develop a devotion to and truly enjoy,’ says Gail. Find the perfect mind quieting method for you with our pick of new and off-beat practices that break the mould.

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