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What about cling-ons, pick-ups and negative energy?

I’m not letting you get away with that bland explanation. I’ve felt an entity hanging around me, influencing me. How can another powerful mindset have that much impact, transforming someone from rational to irrational? Invasive entities have driven people to crime or even mad. It’s scary. How can this be allowed? Can these entities even derail our life plan? I want you to explain what’s going on. How about starting by defining the nature of entities, cling-ons and pick-ups, and how negative energy contributes to the whole horrible mess? THE GUIDES RESPOND:

When you discover that an identity is feeding off you energetically, it may be disconcerting, even scary. We acknowledge this. It is similar to being told by a doctor that you have a disease that will take some time to treat, and that you are going to be uncomfortable at times during the treatment cycle.

Different people respond to such news in different ways, depending on their personality. Some get depressed, others become angry, resign themselves to what is happening, or feel resentment that they are being hard done by. Anger can be a powerful motivating force, because it fuels the desire to overcome the situation that has arisen. The need, however, is not to become lost in the anger to the extent that you are paralysed by it, but to channel the anger and use its energy to change your circumstances.

You are right to introduce the concept of negative energy to a consideration of this type of occurrence. Controlling negative energy is crucial to making progress in any life situation. What leads to negative energy becoming a problem in your life is when it is used to fuel the creative imagination. Then, psychologically speaking, all hell can break loose. Perhaps this sounds as scary as an identity being attached to you and siphoning off energy? It should do, because it is often what creates the situation in which a parasitical identity finds you in the first place. This is another situation that varies according to situation and personality.

Everyone creates the major circumstances of their life. Love, work and your preferred forms of play are key aspects of your life plan. You select specific life conditions, including parents, social conditions, country, language, and cultural norms, and you establish major signposts that will occur in your life along the way, You also choose the key people you will interact with. This all happens before you are born. So the major aspects of your current life have been created by you. This ability to create continues into your life. You can make new choices that cause you to depart from what you decided you would do this time round. You can change your plan.

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Changes are possible because psychologically you have a great deal of power. You may think that it is your spiritual you that decides, in the midst of a life, that you want to do something else, or go off with someone else, and so not follow the plan you decided on prior to being born.

Sometimes this is so. But usually other factors are influential. In particular, your current psychological make-up can be a crucial factor in initiating any diversion you make during the course of your life.

Let’s be clear, we certainly don’t condemn anyone who diverges from their life plan. Everything you do provides experience, and entering a body and living a life is all about acquiring experience to grow. So there is nothing wrong with diverging from your life plan. Diversions may last weeks, months, or years before individuals have their fill and return to pursing their life plan. Or an entire life plan may be jettisoned. None of this is a mistake. People learn from all experiences. So whatever is taken up or avoided is just more grist to the mill.

There are many reasons why people take diversions from their life plan. They may get diverted by a situation that looks intriguing. Love and sex certainly divert people. So does fear, which stops people following through on what was planned. Occasionally life circumstances prevent individuals from enacting significant aspects of their life plan, such as when a key participant accidentally dies, making it impossible for long-planned activities to take place. This happens. In each case nothing is lost, because new factors come into play from which you can equally learn. Among these diverting factors one in particular is relevant to this topic, that being negative energy.

Each person generates negative energy. The basis of all negative energy is fear, but over time secondary emotions become overlaid on top of the fear, hiding it. We have discussed this in the Channelled Spirituality series, so won’t spend time on it now. The point is that negative emotions, such as greed, resentment and anger, are by far the greatest source of negative energy for human beings.

Negative emotions arise out of your reactions to life circumstances, and especially your reactions to what other people do to you. If people allow particular incidents or people to dominate their outlook, they end up carrying that emotional reaction long-term, even through the rest of their lives. These negative emotions—other examples are resentment, self-pity, jealousy, vanity—can so dominate an indiviual’s psychological make-up that they taint everything they feel. It is like an emotional headset that covers their eyes, ears and mouth and so colours everything they see, hear and say. When a negative emotion is felt intensely for an extended period of time, or when a single traumatic incident drives deep into an individual’s psyche, that negative emotion is then transformed into negative energy. How this happens is straightforward.

Everyone has an energetic self, part of which is an electromagnetic envelope of energy that extends around their body. Your energetic self s overall vibration is a reflection of what you are inside yourself. The emotions you commonly emanate, the desires that fuel you, the thoughts you consistently involve yourself with, are reflected in your energetic self. This means your predominant psychological qualities are also reflected in your energetic self.

Everyone has had the experience of meeting someone who gives off a particularly powerful energy. The energy may be sexually seductive, or domineering, or feel fatherly or motherly. Alternatively, an individual may come across as seething with violence, or as being slippery and not to be trusted. What you are picking up is the quality of the person’s energetic identity. A person’s dominant energetic charge may be positive or negative, depending on what psychological qualities they have been fostering.

Of course, it is entirely possible to project your own feelings onto another person, such as motherly feelings onto a woman you wish to replace your own mother. So you may feel she has a motherly energy when she actually possesses nothing of the sort. Fear can also lead you to feel another is threatening when they are not. Projection is an issue whenever you seek to evaluate another on their own terms and not as an extension of your own feelings. Nonetheless, individuals certainly generate an energetic presence that others, when they are in a sufficiently sensitive state, feel strongly.

When a negative emotion is powerfully present in an individual’s psychology over a period of time it gets transferred to the energetic self. This negative energy can then have a deleterious impact on the individual’s physical, emotional and mental well-being. Physical illness is a common result. Where the illness attacks depends on the body’s state. Usually, if a particular organ is already weakened due to previous experience, the negative energy will migrate to that weakened organ and illness results. Extended illnesses may result from sustained negative energies. Cancers are certainly generated as a result of sustained negative energy, although this is not so in all cases. Environmental impacts also cause cancers, which grow when an immune system is depleted, when small insults to the system repeatedly occur, or, in the case of exposure to radiation, when the body’s natural defense system is simply blasted away.

Individuals also have a significant impact on their own health. Just as you can think yourself sick by repeatedly soaking yourself in negative images, feelings and ideas, so you can think yourself better by saturating yourself in positive images, feelings and concepts. This brings us back to the role of creative imagination.

Everyone’s energetic self is impacted by their creative imagination. When you dwell on either positive or negative life scenarios you use your imagination. After repeatedly running related scenarios internally, those scenarios start manifesting in your behaviour. Athletes use their creative imagination in this way to maximise their performance in competition. Sprinters visualise how they will burst out of the blocks, what they need to do to accelerate to maximum speed, how they will place their feet, move their arms, and how they will manage the middle and end of the sprint. They visualise themselves doing what they have practised, reinforce to themselves that they are in great shape and are confident, and then strive to perform in competition all they creatively imagined during training.

Everyone does the same with their life. They creatively imagine what they will do. Then they act it out. If negative energy dominates an individual’s psyche, then their selected scenarios will be negative and limiting rather than positive and growth oriented. Often people aren’t consciously aware of the scenarios they are running in their head. They don’t appreciate the degree to which their inner life revolves around limiting emotions, attitudes and thoughts, and how much those are tainting their outlook and behaviour. They especially aren’t aware of how those negativities are creating negative energy at the level of their energetic self.

This is why adopting a self-analytical approach to your life is so important to living a satisfying life. It is doubly important if you wish to progress your spiritual understanding. If you are working to develop your sensitivity to subtle energies, then you need to purify the field of your energetic self, otherwise you will become attractive to identities you don’t wish to encounter.

We have pointed out that the most common result of intense negative energy being present for an extended period is, first, emotional and psychological imbalance, then physical illness. Neither are pleasant or desirable. But they are not intrinsically different from a parasite being energetically attached to you. After all, viruses and bacteria are also parasites. They attach themselves to a part of the body and start eating. They reproduce, and collectively eat more and more, stressing the body, which leads to illness. Negative emotions similarly eat away at people, diminishing their psychological well-being and reducing their social functionality.

Looked at objectively, deeply embedded negative emotions and long-working bacteria and viruses are scarier than a spiritual identity that energetically attaches itself to you. This is because the energetic identity is relatively straight forward to get rid of—provided, of course, you know it is there. In contrast, deeply embedded emotions develop over years, and it usually takes some time to identify all the ways they influence you, decide on counter psychological strategies, and work to replace them with positive traits. Similarly, long-working viruses and bacteria can take an extended period to treat and for the body to recover its previous health.

The key in all three cases is diagnosis. You can’t cure what you don’t know about. And you can’t understand all that is involved without appreciating your own psychological makeup and what particular traits led to whatever debilitating situation you are now in. This brings us to the other parts of the question you have asked.

What is the nature of these parasitical entities? Parasites exist within all strata of life. Everything physical feeds on something else. Numerous food chains exist on Earth, by which various creatures eat one another in order to live. Human beings take that one step further by growing other creatures specifically for food. Humanity envisions itself as being at the top of the food chain, which is why the idea that you in turn may be eaten is so distasteful to you. It contradicts your human self-image of being at the top of all food chains. Actually, each human body is eaten at the microbial level throughout its life. In this sense, energetic parasites are merely another form of what naturally exists in this planet’s biosphere. They have as much right to live as viruses, bacteria or fungus spore that feed on trees and leaves.

Cling-ons and pick-ups are different forms of energetic parasites. Cling-ons, as the name suggests, are identities that perceive a food source and attach themselves to a creature’s energetic envelope. In the physical world, some kinds of bacteria exist in symbiotic relationship to other species. For example, bacteria that live in the lining of cow’s stomachs help transform grass into milk. Those bacteria don’t live in other species’ stomachs. Similarly, particular energetic parasites feed on particular species. The type of energetic identity that is attracted to you wouldn’t be attracted to, say, a mouse, which manifests a different kind of energy to the human.

Pick-ups behave differently to cling-ons. Cling-ons tend to attach themselves to a host until they are expelled or become satiated. They then detach themselves and start looking for another host. In contrast, pick-ups are capable of jumping straight from one host to another. This usually happens because they perceive a new potential host with a higher level of energy than is possessed by their current host, so they hop from one to the other. They do so expressly when the potential new host is in physical proximity to the current host.

The question asserts that parasitical identities are dangerous because they can cause changes in the hosts inner state, shifting them from rational to irrational, pushing them to commit crimes, or even driving them mad. We disagree. This is not the case. Certainly, just as a physical parasite can lower the body’s energy levels and stress the immune system, so an energetic parasite can lower the host’s energy levels, which in turn leads to psychological stress. However, if an individual subsequently suffers from mood swings, becomes irrational, commits crimes or goes mad, that it not the parasitical identity’s doing. Those behaviours result from tendencies already present within the individual’s psyche.

As we observed earlier, it is the state of your energetic self that creates a condition that is attractive to parasites in the first place. This applies to both physical and energetic parasites. Physically, negative energy creates weaknesses in the body’s organs and immune system, towards which viruses and bacteria naturally gravitate. Similarly, particular energetic parasites gravitate towards particular forms of negative energy, because that is what they feed on. But they don’t create the energy. It’s already there. Then, when individuals become stressed and psychologically debilitated, they behave in accordance with the negative energies present within their energetic self. So each human being is the source of their mood swings, irrational behaviour, criminal acts or madness. The energetic parasite is just along for the ride.

We again acknowledge that this whole scenario regarding energetic parasites sounds creepy. And it is—to those unfamiliar with what happens within the human domain. But if you take a low-key approach, and face up to, diagnose and treat whatever is present, then it is merely another aspect of maintaining your health. Appreciating the reality also offers an opportunity to learn.

Our scribe himself several months ago discovered two identities were attached to him. He became aware of them because a persistent itchy rash appeared on his left upper arm, then a lesser rash on his right upper arm. The situation was that one parasite was more experienced and stronger, and was teaching the other what to do. Our scribe was alerted to their presence first via thoughts planted in his mind, then via a dream. He used his intent to easily dislodge the weaker identity, but the other took three extended meditation sessions to dislodge. In the process he learned to draw on the powerful energy that his spiritual self has available. This influx of spiritual level energy, which he used his creative imagination to direct towards the parasite, essentially burnt off the interloper, much like a doctor burns a wart off the skin. The final phase is to use creative visualisation to heal the two places in his energetic envelope to which the parasites attached themselves. All this is part of learning about the relationship of the physical to the spiritual, and that the spiritual isn’t distant. It is right here, right beside you and within you. And the energetic domain is the link between the two.

We conclude by answering the question regarding whether energetic parasites can interfere with or divert an individual’s life plan. Individuals rarely include encountering energetic parasites in their life plan. Usually, they are just something that comes along during the natural course of experiencing life. On the other hand, guides may direct individuals towards such identities as part of their training, just as a doctor investigates bacteria as part of medical training. These identities cannot change a life plan. They are not that strong. If an individual has been diverted, it is because they choose to be diverted, or because a build-up of negative emotions and energy unbalanced their psyche sufficiently that they departed from what they intended to do.

As we have made clear, there is nothing intrinsically wrong in this. One opportunity is missed, but another opportunity replaces it. Being diverted from their life plan happens to everyone at some time, perhaps even many times. That is just part of experiencing life in the human world.

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