Mermaid Pose Yoga

Mermaid Pose Yoga

For example if you are looking for a new job as you are unemployed be in love with the job hunting and for example do the following (using the above list of three):

1. Make sure that you have a room set aside to sit at a computer and have a phone so that you can search the internet for job opportunities and can make phone calls uninterrupted by others.

1. Tell your family that you are going to be shutting the door to the room at 9am and will be working on this until noon. Put a sign on the door for “Do Not Disturb” to ensure that you are not interrupted.

Make sure that there is nothing on the desk where you are working to distract you. Make sure you have cleared the desk and your mind of other things that you will do first.

People who are Working Wow are already in love with what they are doing, they act like a lover already. It is one of the secrets of having a very happy and successful working life.

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