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Walk back to a sitting position. Repeat 2 to 5 times Moksha yoga poses 40 . 61 BEGINNER Supine Pelvic Press Up Lie on your back on the floor with your knees Moksha yoga poses 40 bent at a right angle, your feet firmly planted into the ball with your heels and all ten toes evenly weighted on the ball. Your thighs are parallel, with your second toe lining up with your knee cap. Maintain a neutral spine. Engage your thigh muscles from the sides and back to brace your weight into the ball, then inhale to prepare, and exhale from your pelvic floor as you connect your deep core muscles with your thighs to lift your hips off the floor. Raise your trunk up until you’re on your shoulder blades. Make your spine an extended and level support, connecting your pelvis and rib cage together in a flat line.

As we recall Patanjali used an eight-step ladder (ashtanga) culminating in samadhi. Below follows the Malini’s six-step system, as extracted by Vasudeva. We should note, however, that diverse Saivite six-limb systems vary between them – different notions; different sub-divisions of a notion; and different priorities and successions of limbs. However as the Malini is a relatively late text synthesising a range of Saivite yoga styles, it gives a good summary of Saivite six-limbs yoga – sadanga-yoga:

The six-limb yoga of Malini-vijayottara-tantra (Malini)

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