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This role probably often gave – and still gives – them a sharp and practical eye for the physical body, its care and needs and the overall social functioning and coherence of the family. Maybe due to their role women became interested and skilful in social and communicative matters – matters that under modernity became subject of public discourses and science. In other words as the modernity of the 19 Century developed discourses in pedagogy, psychology, feelings, romanticism, and social systems these subjects might have found a captive audience among educated mothers to whom – as a social role – such discourses had strong relevance and resonance. This establishes a link between women and romanticism. Let us explore this.

It was during the 19 Century that social and holistic ideas historically found expression in romanticist (Wikipedia link) views or discourses. What do I mean by holistic ideas’? Holism’ (Wikipedia link) as a worldview maintains that everything – the parts of a system -is somehow connected to the whole. The whole – the system – is more than the sum of the individual parts. The whole brings the parts together in a coherent common resonance. The whole is the working together of the parts.

Props such as belts, ropes, and blocks are used in this practice to allow you to strive for further perfection within each posture.Navasana Pose Yoga Once you have mastered a level of comfort using the props, you can learn to re-create the posture with the same precision without them.

Props also allow you to experience the benefits of the classical postures that you may not be able to attain without their support.Navasana Pose Yoga Iyengar Yoga does not teach meditation, because dhyana is a state believed impossible to be taught. Iyengar teaches that, through the practice of yoga, you can become the best that you can be at whatever you apply yourself to. However, a posture practice performed without’ the total involvement of the mind and intelligence becomes merely exercise, and not an asana. Asanas are reflection in action. The subtle body, the emotions, and the physical body cannot be separated.

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