Night Yoga Poses

Night Yoga Poses

Instead of saying “that was the greatest film ever”, we moderate or change that opinion to something like “I really enjoyed that film and for me it is in my top ten most enjoyable films”.

Therefore in the work environment feel free to express your opinion. If you have great colleagues (that I am sure you do) then you can discuss issues, situations etc. in this way and come to a more balanced view.

I often pass around key letters that I have drafted. My colleagues love to put red pen all over it and give it back to me. I can either accept or not accept their opinions. Or it may lead me to think of something I have missed and I can now include this.

I am not frightened of what others think of my work. Don’t be shy about this,

What you will get back is FEEDBACK.

Even if someone says this is “crap” or “Pathetic” etc. it really does not matter. It is their opinion and they are probably just saying this because they are having a bad day.

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