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You didn’t think that getting a booty was going to come without changing your nutrition, did you? Here is the fact: The ONLY way you are going to get that hot, sexy, peach looking C-shaped booty is by DIALING IN your macros, calories, and nutrition. For the majority of women reading this book, the reason you don’t have a great looking ass now is because your body fat is too damn high.

Yes, your body fat is TOO DAMN HIGH!

Even for some of you who are light on the scale but have no definition, you are what’s called ‘skinny fat.’ So getting a HOT body like the Instagram models means getting your body fat LOWER. “Wait, you said ‘macros.’ What are those?” Exactly! Most of you don’t even know what they are, and that’s BASIC nutrition. Keep reading and I’ll teach you. Most of you are overweight, obese, fluffy, or skinny-fat with no ass. How do I know? Well, statistically speaking, if you are like the average American female, you are 5’-3” and 168 pounds. That means you have a good 40 to 58 pounds of excess body fat sitting on your frame. No amount of booty training is going to help that ass look better until you get the FAT OFF that ass.

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You must eliminate body fat FOR GOOD!

You’ll never see that C-shape booty until you reduce the fat on your body. The fitness models you see that inspire you to get those booty gains have very LOW body fat levels and this is why they have such awesome, perky onion booties that would make a guy’s eyes water. Most of the Instagram models have around 9-13% body fat. So when it comes to your booty gains, you must first think of getting some shreds. This whole chapter is going to give you a quick nutrition education to teach you how to eat so you can melt fat and feed your muscles to develop that ass.

Not only is your nutrition vital for fat burning; it is also key for building muscle. You can do all of the most awesome workouts, but if you’re not giving your body the building blocks it needs to build muscle or if you eat mindlessly, you’re not going to burn fat or develop the booty you seek. Your body fat will be too high to see those booty gains or because you’re not building the muscle to create them. Nutrition is EVERYTHING.

It’s MORE IMPORTANT than your training. Did you read that? Your DIET is MORE IMPORTANT than your training. I’m sure you bought this book looking for the training and booty workouts, but I’m telling you now, without training your DIET, the training in the gym is useless. (And I have the sickest workouts in existence!)

Even pro bikini competitors don’t have workouts this awesome, and they have the best booties in the game! That’s why nutrition is the number one skill you HAVE to master. It’s like learning a new language and you need to learn to speak it fluently. Be fluent as fuck! “In order to change your body,you must first change your diet.”

Daymond Sewall Now, I’m very aware that a lot of you reading this book right now may be personal training clients, online clients, or even some of my Shredders (people who have my first book, Shredded Executive), so you may know some of what I am about to teach you.

But even if you are, read through, refresh your mind, and absorb this info. I’m sure there are a lot of you who have forgotten and need to freshen up on the content. For those of you who are new to this, you are about to learn everything you’ll ever need to know about nutrition. It is without all the scientific mumbo-jumbo, straight to the point, and gives you the facts, tips, and secrets so you can obliterate fat and develop that booty. As always, I’m going to do this by giving you the hacks! Sound like a plan? Great! Let’s do this!

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