Nutritional Therapist Fiona Campbell Talks us Through a Day in Her Clinic

Fiona empowers clients to make healthy dietary and lifestyle changes

’ll start my day with homemade granola and either coconut, dairy or almond milk I plus some high-protein yoghurt. For a J. special treat at weekends, I may add some seasonal fruit puree. ‘I see my first client at around 8.30am. I spend three days a week at my practice, which is in a multi-disciplinary clinic with other therapists such as chiropractors and osteopaths. On the other two days I do media work and consultancy for new food products. ‘I studied nutritional therapy at the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) because the course has a naturopathic, holistic focus, and I could study part-time so I could keep earning. I graduated in 2008 after the three-year course, and become a naturopathic nutritional therapist, then set up my own clinic.

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‘The concept of food as medicine was familiar to our ancestors, yet today, many people are surprised to discover that making changes to their everyday diet can really improve their health and wellbeing.


‘I was inspired by my great aunt, Dr Isobel Campbell, who was a pioneering GP and homoeopath in Glasgow in the 1920s. My lecturers at CNM and those I later lectured ‘As a nutritional therapist, I empower clients to make ‘At lunchtime, I may do a yoga alongside were further inspiration. I keep dietary and lifestyle changes that help them achieve the very best health they can.

It’s immensely rewarding to help clients with conditions including hormonal class, then I sit and eat in restful surroundings so my body can absorb all the nutrients from my food. I eat professionally up to date by attending seminars and learning from my colleagues. ‘In addition to my clinical cases, I work imbalances, weight issues, digestive or joint problems, stress and inflammatory conditions, and hear they’ve things like dal, avocado salad with lots of seeds, or soup and rye bread. with natural food companies to produce videos and publicity material.

As well as that, never felt as healthy or energetic. ‘The two most common health complaints I encounter are weight problems and energy/stress I’ll see a couple more clients in the afternoon and aim to get home at a reasonable hour. I try to be flexible I’m a regular guest speaker on nutrition for Sky News and often feature on the radio and in newspapers and magazines. I’m issues. One client was a mother with a stressful job who found if difficult to sleep.

She used to do strenuous exercise to keep her ever-fluctuating weight in check, but had developed back and knee problems as a result. I was able to show her how powerful nutrition can be – not only did she lose half a stone of fat tissue, but the diet was anti-inflammatory so helped mitigate her aches and pains too. To increase her resilience to stress, I also recommended a specific multi-nutrient and herbal complex. But I don’t only see people who are ill: sports people consult me about optimum nutrition to meet their energy needs; others want a detox programme.

‘I’m a regular guest speaker on nutrition for SkyNews ana often feature on the radio. ’ ‘I was inspired by my great aunt, a pioneering homoeopath’ to accommodate my clients’ working hours, but I also have to practise what I preach and I don’t like eating dinner after 7.30pm. ‘I’m busy, so I like simple, whole foods that taste great, satisfy my appetite and give me the nutrients I need: sauteed veg, baked kale or salad and brown rice or potato wedges with some fish or chicken, for example. My aim is to eat local, seasonal, organic food wherever possible.

After dinner, also a guest speaker for Bristol University’s undergraduate medical programme. I can’t think of a career I’d rather have.’ FFIONA’S TRAINING • Fiona trained at CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine), the UK’s leading training provider in a range of natural therapies. It offers diploma courses in Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Homoeopathy, Naturopathy, Natural Chef and Vegan Natural Chef Training. There are CNMs around the country, including Belfast, Birmingham, Edinburgh, London and Manchester. Visit

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