Open standing Yoga Poses are awesome asanas that energize, stretch, and strengthen the whole body and make all the more advanced Yoga Poses possible. Be sure to spend a lot of time in these positions as part of your regular practice.

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Hello, Spring!

I have had my dream job, and still felt uncertain. I have been able to pay my rent, nourish my relationships, and take some time for myself. Yet still something in me was unsettled. I wasn’t quite where I wanted to be, but I didn’t know which direction to turn.

Have you ever felt this way?

When everything looks great on paper from the outside, it is hard to find reason to complain. These are times when we keep to ourselves when things feel off. We might feel our muscles tighten and think, what’s up with me? and hold it close to our chests.

This is when it is time to sit. Not to solve, but to calm Not to decide, but to soften.

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