Parivrtta Sukhasana Pose Yoga

You may be wondering to yourself at this moment, what is the difference, then, between Hatha and AstangaParivrtta Sukhasana Pose Yoga The truth is, Astanga Yoga is a part, or a school, of Hatha Yoga, which we will explore shortly. In the practice of asanas, we are using the body as a tool to shape ourselves for the experience of union with our higher or supreme consciousness.Parivrtta Sukhasana Pose Yoga Not to mention the fact that the health benefits of the asana practices are innumerable. Through the twisting of the body and focused breathing during the practice, the internal organs and bloodstream are cleansed and purified, which can have a transforming effect on our general health while at the same time helping to prepare the body for a meditation practice.

Creating energy movement within the body through physical movement assists in the calming or quieting of our minds so that we can connect with our innermost selves, each of which is intrinsically linked to creation. In the West, the asanas are often the entry point to yoga, which, over time, can lead a dedicated practitioner to greater awareness jf his self and environment. A regular asana practice can also open the door to all the rest that the philosophy has to offer. Today, there are several schools of asana, all of which stem from the Hatha Yoga tradition.

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