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The second is pranayama, controlled breathing techniques.Parsva Bakasana Pose Yoga The third is chanting, which has a healing ellect on the mind and body, and brings one into contact with the ancient and sacred language of Sanskrit.Parsva Bakasana Pose Yoga The fourth is dyhana meditation, which creates awareness both inward and outward beyond our usual mental limits. The fifth is ritual, an instinctive and universal human act. While ritual and chanting are key elements within the greater practice of yoga and in specific spiritual practices the world over, asana, pranayama, and meditation three of the eight limbs of yoga are those familiar essentials that I have chosen to explore here in depth and that I hope to make accessible to all practitioners, no matter what it is that you seek. Remember, you are that which you seek.

Many people in the West tend to think that yoga is a single practice of physical postures, known as asanas, but, as I mentioned earlier, there are in fact eight forms or limbs astanga in total. The path of Astanga Yoga incorporates each of these limbs as they were designed, to help individuals reach the ultimate limb, samadhi; the state of enlightenment or bliss.

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