Partner Yoga Poses Beginners

Partner Yoga Poses Beginners

How Do You Know if You Are Injured?

Continuing to exercise when you feel that you might have an injury puts you at great risk of an extended layoff from yoga. In most cases that I’ve monitored, when I suspect that there is an injury, it usually is an injury. Be sensitive to your weak links. When you notice any of the symptoms below, take at least a day or two off from yoga.

• Inflammation swelling, puffiness or thickening.

• Loss of function the area doesn’t work correctly or move normally.

Pain if the pain does not go away as you get warmed up and walk slowly, or the pain increases, STOP!

You Can Take 5 Days Off from yoga with no Significant Loss in Conditioning

It is always better to err on the conservative side of injury repair. If you take an extra day off at the beginning of an injury, you won’t lose any conditioning. But if you continue training with an injury, you may increase the healing time by a week or a month for each day you try to push through pain.

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