Partner Yoga Poses For Kids

Partner Yoga Poses For Kids

How to Return to yoga

Check with your doctor to ensure that enough healing has occurred to begin yoga again.

Stay below the threshold of irritation. You want to see progress, week by week, in reduction of pain.

Stay in touch with your doctor and ask questions if you suspect that you are aggravating the injury.

Avoid exercising if you are “favoring” the injured area, or limping. yoga in an abnormal way can result in a worse injury in another location.

If you haven’t been exercising, start by walking. Build up to a 30 minute walk.

Insert small segments of yoga into a walk (run 5-10 seconds, walk the rest of the minute). If there is no aggravation, you could increase 5 seconds on the yoga segment while decreasing 5 seconds on the walking segment after using each new ratio for at least 3 workouts.

Avoid anything that could aggravate the injured area.

First increase should be in the duration of the long run, by 5-10 minutes, every other week. Keep the run-walk-run ratio mostly walking for the first month and slowly increase.

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