Pilate Reformer Exercises

Pilate Reformer Exercises

Figure 25 Human/Solar Correspondence Solar Personality

We are normally used to viewing the operation of the human soul from a perspective within the three worlds because this is where we are polarised prior to the Third Degree. However the human soul is Mercury, and the proper perspective is to attempt to view all activity on the seven planes of the cosmic physical from the point of view of the buddhic plane.

In order to facilitate this viewpoint let’s begin with a review of the role and development of consciousness or the Second Aspect within the broader system of seven planes.

In the first two and one half rounds or planes or rootraces the body or Matter aspect is being developed. In the last two and a half the Spirit aspect is expressed. In the middle three we have consciousness developed and expressed. Clear enough. Spirit, in its non-dual sense, is of course always present and so is prior to the development of Spirit/Matter. We can illustrate this as follows:

As human beings prior to the Third Initiation we are only able to grasp this three-fold expression from within the time and space perspective of the Matter aspect and it is not until the consciousness is able to be held on the buddhic plane that the whole can be seen. Time as it is understood from the personality perspective, is transcended and the three-fold manifestation of monad-soul-personality can be sensed from the triadal perspective as the functioning of a single life.

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