Plow Yoga Pose

Plow Yoga Pose

Hal asana

While Headstand may be the king, Shoulder Stand is the queen and mother of the asanas! Plow Yoga Pose is prep for Shoulder Stand Pose, so work this Yoga Pose until you feel comfortable moving on to a full Shoulder Stand. The neck and the cervical vertebrae are vulnerable here, so place a blanket under your shoulders to relieve pressure on the neck. This Yoga Pose stretches the spine and whole back body, or back of the body.

QUALITY Calming, energizing EFFECT Balance, cleansing, tranquility PROPS Blanket GAZE Inward

1 Start by taking a firm blanket and folding it in thirds and thirds again to form a rectangle that’s the width of your mat, about 3 to 4 feet long and 3 to 4 inches thick. Lay it on your mat a few feet away from the end. Fold the mat over the blanket and lie down with your head on the ground and your shoulders at the edge of the padding. This way, there should be some space between your neck and the ground.

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2 Bend your knees and lengthen your arms by your sides with your hands pressing into the ground by your hips.

3 Using your abdominal muscles, draw your knees into your chest and lift your hips off the ground as you roll onto your shoulders. Lengthen your legs over your head with your thighs vertical to the ground.

4 Interlace your fingers together and roll your upper arms and shoulders out and down. Drawing you chin to your chest, press your arms into the ground as you flex your feet behind you and press your thighs up into the backs of your legs.

5 Stay here for up to 5 breaths with your gaze toward your navel. Release down onto your back or move on to Shoulder Stand.

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