Post Pregnancy Ab Exercises

Post Pregnancy Ab Exercises

For example in Figure 12 it will be seen that atma and manas are both dual, being both the First Aspect of one trinity and the Third Aspect of another. For this reason they are represented as being both red and green in a three-colour system. They are planes where the great cry of identity ‘I am’ rings out first in mastery of a lesser trinity, and then in humility as the greater trinity is recognised and the identity is transferred. Their dual nature has a correspondence to the duality of the solar plexus and throat centres. Under different ray energies however, they can operate as Second Aspect or relational planes for example the mental plane operates as the centre or ‘heart’ of the five-fold manifestation of man.

Other points to note in the chart: Planes 1, 3 and 5 are linked in that they all represent the First Aspect in one sense. Planes 2, 4 and 6 are all considered ‘hearts’ in some sense and relate to the second system. Planes 3, 5 and 7 together represent the Third Aspect. Planes 1 and 7 are polar opposites, each representing a relatively ‘pure’ expression of one Aspect they turn into each other as the focus shifts from cosmic to systemic and back, as already pointed out.

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Careful examination of the chart will also reveal the 1, 3, 7 and 10.

The lower six of nine are eventually synthesised in the seventh, being the Third Aspect of the primary triad in the same way in which Saturn synthesises the schemes. Atma is the ‘mountain’ top of the five worlds where the fires of consciousness and matter blend. There is a curious relationship here between exoteric and esoteric Saturn, the throat and alta major centres. We will explore the duality of the mental plane more fully later.

We might also pause with this chart to consider another key which I call the Law of Reflective Action, which describes the phenomenon of ‘inversion’ that occurs when the ‘light’ of higher planes is thrown into the lower without a consciously functioning antahkarana. The primary reflection on the cosmic physical plane is generated by viewing the buddhic plane as a double mirror. Atma then is reflected into manas, the monadic into the astral, and the logoic into the etheric/physical planes. In The Secret Doctrine HPB expresses this phenomenon in her explanation of the old Kabbalistic adage ‘Demon est Deus Inversus’:

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