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We hope that this book, based on our inherently limited Power yoga poses weight loss experience and ideas, will be of some value, and that its many flaws will serve Power yoga poses weight loss to stimulate others to do better. Most skills represent an internalization of what was once a consciously learned practice. Painters’ second nature is to follow their rules of composition, drummers deftly hold the sticks just so, experienced debaters almost unconsciously shape a phrase. Yoga is somewhat the opposite. Yogis may slow their hearts, work to regulate their breathing, and bring up to consciousness and refine what was mastered and became automatic as an infant.

People can perform yoga poses like trained seals perform their tricks, having learned what to do, but it is not exactly what Patanjali, author of the Yoga Sutra, or alert contemporary practitioners have in mind. Yoga promotes familiarity with the unconscious factors within the mind in order to master them In Classical Yoga, in order to gain control over the mind, one moves and manipulates the body. By using what is outside heart rate, breaths, posture to gain control of what is inside thoughts and emotions yoga has launched a Copernican revolution of great promise.

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