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Namaskar I am david at and welcome to Anand over power yoga sequences Power Yoga is a complete body workout which focuses on strength stamina flexibility and total fitness of your body power yoga sequences is an important part of power yoga here we just flow from one Arsene into a dog with ease just by doing few sequences you can have a complete body workout sequence file this is a wonderful sequence of different forward bending our sins you’re starting with Don Larson some distance in your feet as you take the hands up go on the toes and stretch your hands upward such maximum focus your gaze on one point helps you to bear balance set your hands up words then from your slowly come down flat feet stretch forward exhaling you go to the hostel bothersome answer defeat pose from the head down then from here you think the head slightly up.

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If you want to take the hands in front the Vice we take the hands where they are slowly take the leg up this will increase the stretch in the calf. And the hamstring the language is lap is straight don’t bend it then bring the slag that leg down and take the other leg up and take the slid down and hast about us and again and I take one leg straight behind the tools of that leg is pointing slightly on the side would the next remain straight. And enjoy this wonderful forward bend again and thin your cough and string back then from you take both the hands inside turn both the feet in such a way that toast point in front feet parallel go into prasada the part of town hustle no weight on their hands then come up and slowly turn the left foot out right foot slightly inside and go into forward bending stretch from here come to the stupid awesome. And it slowly stretching up in tolleson and from Tolleson drop the hands down. And just feed the effect on your whole body especially the back side of your body.

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