Prasarita Padottan Asana C Hands On Assist

Welcome to Durrani okay everybody today we look at prasarita padottan Asana see how to give hands-on assists in it we have hockey and Aniyah here to help us demonstrate how to do it. So we’re gonna go right into it puck is gonna open her right leg in classical enas behind the back with an inhale she lengthens and with an exhale she comes down into the pose the assist both post lived in the back and mostly helps open the shoulder the first and foremost thing we’re doing here is actually stabilizing making sure that the practitioner doesn’t fall forward so Dania is placing her leg just the quarter inch in front of cut his leg so Hutta can actually lean a little bit forward onto her leg then she’s stabilizing with her hand right at the top of her spine or really the bottom of the spine.

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And then her other hands consignee poles she really is holding her ball fingers. Because the fingers tend to slip away and as you starting to let her go forward you can kind of start to feel when there’s resistance where it feels like okay this is about where it needs to go and she’s gonna stay here one of the important things in this assist especially staying breathe with your student for a little while to allow them to kind of get a little deeper into the pose another thing that could be done, if she wants vanilla will let go of the end and she would actually lengthen a little bit in the spine and that’s also awesome cuz just getting the spine that are longer and deeper and to release she’s gonna go first of the hand that was holding the hands. And then she’s gonna start to move her leg away. So that I took and move it they were forward back to find her balance. And then she’s gonna pretty much let her go any tighter will come up on her home I remember don’t try to hold your students as they come up it’s better to the that’s it have fun practice with people that know what they’re doing and I’ll see you soon thanks for near that thanks cutter namaste.

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