Pregnancy Diet And Exercise Plan

Pregnancy Diet And Exercise Plan

We know that the purpose of our Planetary Logos, in conjunction with initiatives undertaken in two other schemes, is to anchor a germ of solar Will that will form the nucleus of the third solar system. This is his great project undertaken in alignment with the solar Will.100

The Law of Sacrifice combines with the principle of pain on Mars and Saturn as well, but nowhere so potently as on Earth.102

If pain is the result of an illusory duality experienced in consciousness but non-existent in Life, then as the antahkarana is built between the lower and higher wills this experience of pain is gradually transmuted into the experience of bliss attested to by all who have transcended duality. The consciousness thread is built alongside the Life thread from the human heart to the monad. The wills of the monad, soul and personality are now aligned in consciousness as well as in fact, and a new energy is able to work through this alignment the energy that the Master DK calls the “saving force”, which is related to the Sirian Law of Freedom.102

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On a planetary scale this alignment takes place between Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity resulting in the direct conscious response of Humanity to Shamballic Will and our cooperation with this Will. When this occurs we will have the beginning of the end of pain on this planet, and that great revelation of a fourth quality of deity which lies behind Intelligence, Love and Will.

In this manner the three planetary centres arrive at the needed relationship, and another great triangle reaches true functioning activity. When this takes place, a revelation undreamt of will be manifested upon the Earth; a new divine quality, of which no knowledge at present exists, will make its presence felt…103

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