Pregnant And Don’t Feel Like Exercising?


Pregnant and don’t feel like exercising? Here’s some extra incentive. The exercisea mother-to-be does during pregnancy may be as effective at protecting her child from age-related health risks as the exercise the child does when they’re an adult. Research on mice at the University of Kentucky found that reducing the mother’s oxidative stress (damage done to the body by molecules called free radicals) through exercise helped their offspring fight stress and decreased the risk of obesity and age-related and chronic disease, even into adulthood. Time for a walk!


Exercise diaries. Activity trackers. A personal trainer. There are lots of things you can use to up the amount of exercise you clock, but it turns out the one thing you need is a good gym buddy. That’s according to a new study from the University of Aberdeen, which reports that those who started a workout regime with a friend immediately increased the amount of activity compared to others who worked out alone. Want to find the perfect partner? Researchers say you should be looking for a fitness friend who is both encouraging and emotionally supportive. Time to build a fitter network?

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The next three years will be big ones for women’s sport, as Britain will hoşt three global events: the 2017 ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup. 2018 Women’s Hockey World Cup and the 2019 Netball World Cup. Phev! To maximise on such a momentous occasion, the England and Wales Cricket Board, England Hockey and England Netball associations have clubbed together to launch a three-year campaign called TeamUp. which hopes to inspire future generations to get involved in sport. Studies show just 12 percent of giriş aged 14 meet physical activity guidelines. By giving registered schools the opportunity to access free training and resources via the team england. com portal. it’s hoped 150,000 13-year-old giriş across the country will try team sport. Now, that’s what we cali girl power!


Top personal trainer Matt Roberts (matt roberts.

‘Have a strict goal in place by the end of December. Make a plan of days you’re going to run and stick to it, whatever the weather. Warm up your extremities properly to help avoid injury – think calf raises and walking lunges to get the blood pumping. Drink the same amount as you would in summer. Wear breathable layers, so you can shed some as you warm up. Use a foam roller between runs to keep your limbs supple.’

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