Pregnant Women And Exercise

Pregnant Women And Exercise

It is with this descent of fire along the 1 3 5 7 line that the true occultist works. He has passed through the disciplic stages that represent the culmination of the Sixth Ray Age and begun to be initiated into the magical powers of the soul. He has passed from missionary to magician and takes his place as a conscious although novice member of Hierarchy.

In time all that is in his own nature including the causal body is burnt up, resulting in no impediment to this fiery flow. He treads the way of fire until he has become the fire itself. The fire of Freedom.

We have followed the flame of Agni from the Solar Logos to the agnichaitans in our etheric bodies.

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‘If you correct the mind, the rest of your life will fall into place. Sail biting, like any habit, can be hard to break (that’s an unintentional nail pun if I’ve ever an unconscious response. Your hands may even go in your mouth every time there is stillness. Or you may be a cuticle biter, unbeknownst to you, until your partner kindly yells, “Stop!”

This is where meditation can help.

Nail biting won’t stop if you won’t treat the underlying cause or if you don’t stop long enough to understand why you fidget in this particular way. It is possible to practice presence every moment of your life, but you can start with when you get the desire to bite your nails (or if you catch yourself with a hand already in your mouth).

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