Preparing for Yoga Class

You’ve decided what you want out of yoga and have investigated your options. You’ve found a class and a teacher that you think will meet your needs. And you’re psyched to jump right in. Whoa! A little prep work will go a long way. Here’s some advice:

Wear loose clothing. Sweatpants or loose cotton pants and a T-shirt are fine. Some people prefer to wear loose-fitting, baggy shorts or a leotard.

Many yoga centers or gyms have towels or mats to put on the floor. If they don’t, however, you will need to bring your own. Schools of yoga that use props will have the necessary equipment available.

Try to eat two hours prior to your yoga class. It is hard to do yoga on a full stomach. Conversely, if you are hungry, you will not be able to concentrate. If you must eat close to the time of class, eat some yogurt, fruit, or something very light an hour before class. Eating heavily can cause you to feel bloated and uncomfortable, making the asana more difficult to practice.

Avoid doing heavy exercise or an intense workout prior to yoga class.

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