Prevention of back pain

Prevention of back pain

The ones with the either upper or lower back pain must gain knowledge on back pain management as it is the best way to cure back pain. Instead of going for the different back pain products, it is better to improve the way of living.

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Take a seat where your hips are elevated. Place your hands on your thighs at a location that allows your shoulders to fall heavily within your shoulder sockets. Close your eyes and feel your eyes behind your eyelids begin to soften. Tune into all of your senses. Observe the rise and fall of your breath. Get grounded in the body as you drop into the breath. Allow yourself to feel lighter through the crown of your head and through your spine.

Bring your attention back as your attention wanders, especially if that part of you that wants all the answers interjects. This part of you is probably hyper alert at this particular moment in time. They want a solution. Let them know you hear them, but for now, all you need to do is breathe.

“There is nowhere else to be.” Repeat that to yourself as you sit. Repeat it until you believe it. After grounding, bring yourself back and give yourself a break, just for once, from moving forward.

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