Pulled Hamstring Treatment Yoga Tutorial

Hi it’s me again Asha in today’s post we’re going to be doing tree kon Asana or triangle pose we’ll start by bringing the feet into a nice wide stance imagine that you have a pane of glass in front and behind your body. So you’re just in between. And you can only move within these two plates open the right toes out to the side pulling up the knee cap open the arms out. And then begin to reach forward with the right pump then drop the right palm on to the ankle lift up with the left palm keep reaching as high as you can with your left palm fingertips moving towards the sky creating length in the body to come out of the pose slowly come back to Center bring the right toes in. And then switch left toes out same onto the other side reach reach reach the beauty of this pose is in the details so pay as much attention to your body as you can I hope you enjoyed that and I’ll see you next time remember to subscribe here to watch all the posts on this blog take care and I’ll see you later.

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Real Workout For ABS

Namaskar I’m david at and welcome to Anand over power yoga for abs Power Yoga is a complete body workout which improves your flexibility your strength your stamina and total fitness of your body Power Yoga for abs not only works on your abs it also works towards improving your own strength these set of practices will help you to train your tendinous inscription and external objects power yoga apps technique 11 you’re standing in surah Namaskar position one slowly take the Namaskar up and back have a good backward bed look at the Namaskar then very slowly come to the hip hinge position don’t allow the knees to go too much beyond the toes then extend your hands forward and let the back. And the hands be parallel to the ground this is a tabletop with the ship and allow the hands to go down.

And have a good forward bed from here bend the legs let the buttocks rest lather on your back then Bend both the legs you can have some comfortable distance between your feet. And the knees take interlock the fingers and take the hands under your head now very slowly exhaling through mouth to allow your upper body to come up and inhaling through nose oh down exhale through mouth come up inhale who knows go down when you’re doing this keep one thing in mind that you don’t allow the head to dropped in don’t take the head inside this will have unnecessary pressure on your neck. But keep the face facing the ceiling and last time up and down then release the hands come to sitting position. And then the standing position from here come to the table top then come to the hip hinge straight in the back allow a backward Bend. And then come back and relax can initially do the scrunches for about five to ten times and slowly increase the number of gowns maybe to 20 or you can even take it to 50 can combine this practice with power yoga abs technique 14 and 15 you.

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