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As we enter the New Year we often step into it with a renewed sense of inspiration, motivation and energy. We aspire to clean the slate, start afresh and this time, stick to our dreams and aspirations. But more often than not we may find that resolutions are rather difficult to keep. The question is why? honour, respect and accept myself just as am right now and promise to love myself…

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Words such as ethical, sustainable and regenerative are becoming common language these days. It’s a wonderful evolution in our global awareness and the philosophy that comes with it is encouraging, yet I wonder if people are becoming overwhelmed by these terms and principles. So how can we define ethics in a more relatable way?

Both resolutions and ethics are based upon intention. We cannot resolve anything in our lives without a genuine and committed intention to become, and take action on, what we want to not only resolve in our lives, but also create. Similarly, we cannot live ethically unless we create an intention that we ourselves can embody. If living ethically means being honest, mindful, collaborative, compassionate, thoughtful, or whatever it may mean to you, we first have to know, embrace and become that which we want to see outside of us. We have to nurture our inner world before we can heal our outer world.

We may want to resolve to eat healthier, exercise more, be more creative, or make more ethical choices around living, buying, banking, traveling and the like. All of these are wonderful resolutions that we should write down and pursue, but as we all very well know, often resolutions come out with a bang and slowly dwindle down to a forgotten hope all too soon. Why? Because we have to first believe and be inspired with ourselves before we can commit to resolving what is outside of us. We need to begin with the ‘why’ not with the ‘what’, as Simon Sinek said.

What I suggest for the continued inspiration of our dreams, aspirations and resolutions is to first declare an intention that supports not just the beliefs we have of the world, but also the beliefs we have of ourselves.

We cannot love another until we first love ourselves. We cannot be generous until we are magnanimous with ourselves. We cannot be compassionate until we show empathy to our inner most fears, wounds and insecurities. If we can proclaim our intention and set our resolution to fully accept ourselves, and our potential, we will have far more making ethical choices, they too should not be a chore but rather a reflection of who you truly are power, energy and ease in manifesting the lives and habits we dream of. When we embody our desires we manifest instantly, for how we show up in life conducts how life shows up for us. If we become the action of our desires than making the choices to fulfill that desire will become second nature. Fulfilling resolutions and living ethically are not ways of doing but a way of being.

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