Ragdoll Pose Yoga

Ragdoll Pose Yoga

Exercises that Can Prevent/Treat Yoga Injuries

Plantar Fascia and Foot Yoga Injuries the Toe Squincher

This strengthens the many muscles in the foot, promoting a strong push off, reducing foot fatigue, and reducing foot damage. Point your foot down and contract the muscles of the foot, which will cause the toes to curl in. Keep the contraction until the foot cramps. This can be done when wearing shoes or not, 15-20 times a day.

Back and Shoulder Soreness and Pain Arm yoga/ the Crunch

Holding dumbbells (hand held weights) in each hand, go through a slightly exaggerated motion one would use when yoga, for a set of 10 (one left and one right equals one repetition). Pick a weight that is heavy enough so that you feel you have strengthened the shoulder and neck muscles, but don’t have to struggle to finish the last two repetitions.

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Band Foam Roller

This is the only treatment I’ve found that can speed the healing of the I-T band. Use a cylinder of dense foam (illustrated on www.jeffgalloway.com). Lie down on your side, where the I-T pain is felt. Rest your body weight on the roller and move your body with your hands so that you’re rolling from below the pain site to just above it. Roll for 5 minutes before the run, 5 minutes after the yoga and 5 minutes before bed at night (probably the most effective).

Ice Massage for Achilles and Other Tendons Next to the Skin

Freeze a paper cup or Styrofoam cup. Peel off the outer layer at the top to form a Popsicle of ice. Rub the ice constantly over the tendon for 15 minutes. The area should be numb after the treatment.

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