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For many of us, one price of a long life Ramdev yoga poses for weight loss is osteoarthritis, a painful and often debilitating condition caused by decades of wear and tear on Ramdev yoga poses for weight loss the joints. In fact, by the time we reach age sixty-five, knee X-rays for at least a third of us will show some signs of osteoarthritis,1 the most common of a group of diseases collectively referred to simply as arthritis. Literally translated joint inflammation,arthritis in its many forms affects more than seventy million or one in three American adults, according to estimates by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in this country, limiting everyday activities for more than seven million adults.2 Although the specifics of the different types of arthritis vary, they have a common thread: all affect the joints, those nearly 150 ingenious and essential structures located where two or more bones come together.

With a few exceptions, these joints when working properly are easily movable, allowing us to bend, flex, sit, grasp, open and close our mouths, lift, turn, get out of bed, and walk or run where we need to go. How Healthy Joints Work In healthy joints, articular cartilage a tough, shock-absorbing padding with a slick surface enables the ends of the bones to glide effortlessly past each other. This gliding is facilitated by a viscous lubricating fluid a natural WD-40, of sorts called synovial fluid, which is secreted by a thin membrane, the synovium, that lines the joint.

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