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Kabbalah Perhaps to the newcomer, the tradition of yoga, and all of the associated sacred texts and sym-bology, seem quite far out or mystical, at first.Reclining Hero Pose Yoga But it certainly isn t the only esoteric system of spiritual philosophy to exist and still be practiced today by modern seekers searching for a path.Reclining Hero Pose Yoga The Kabbalah, an elaborate system ot arcane and practical wisdom, offers a spiritual path to awakening to students of the Hebrew tradition, though it has been and is often interpreted by Christians. The Kabbalah teaches a mystical philosophy, based on a system of symbols, numerology, and holy scriptures, meant to unlock the mysteries of God and creation. There are even specific parallels that can be drawn between Kabbalistic teaching and yogic beliefs. For example, the Kabbalah, also an originally oral tradition, can be accessed through a diagram called the sefiroth, or tree of life. This diagram can be applied to virtually anything from the human anatomy to the design of a house just as a mandala can be made so widely applicable, as well. Within this mystical Jewish system, the center of the body is believed to be alive with knowledge.

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