Reclining Yoga Poses

Reclining Yoga Poses

Your life is the sum of all of the decisions that you have taken, all the choices that you have made etc. You took them and what you have today is totally down to you.

If you are unhappy and you try and blame someone else or an event, then I am afraid to tell you that you are just plain wrong! Life is not lived from the outside, it is up to you and your attitude that dictates whether you will be happy or not.

Imagine going to see a concert. If you like the group then you will decide to enjoy the evening. If you don’t like the music then you will probably not enjoy the evening and moan and groan about this experience. It is the same concert, but it is just your attitude, coming from the inside that has determined whether it is a good experience or not.

Imagine a plane filling with people. Some people will be having their first flight. Some will be very nervous. Some will be bored as they have flown so often. Two people will probably be petrified but that is just the pilot and co-pilot LOL!!!

But do you get the idea, it is up to you whether you enjoy the flight or not. It is the picture you paint inside your head, the words you tell yourself, that old self talk that will dictate your happiness on the flight.

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