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What you are doing

Sit with your left arm supported by a pillow in your lap. Knead and wobble the big muscles of your left upper arm with the whole of your right hand, making large circular movements. At the same time practise your pendulum breathing.

After five minutes or so, give this same area a fingertip friction, as fast as you like for one minute. Then repeat the kneading. A more relaxed feeling will occur in the upper arm.

Move down to the forearm and do the same with this, and finally move down to the left hand. Stay with the relaxed feeling in the arm and enjoy its first taste of relaxation perhaps for years, keeping the breathing nice and regular. This will take about 15 minutes.

Now direct your attention to the right arm, using your recently relaxed left hand as the masseur. Right-handed people will have more trouble relaxing the right side of the body, and so we always start relaxation training with the opposite, easier to relax, side of the body.


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