Rotating fingers

Using the thumb and forefinger of your right hand, gently rotate a left-hand finger during a pendulum breath in. Repeat with other fingers and thumb of left hand, then repeat with other hand.

3. Pinching down at webs

Quite firmly, with the finger and thumb of your right hand, pinch down at a web between the fingers of your left hand during a pendulum breath out. Pinch down at each web in turn and repeat five times. Repeat with other hand.

4. Finger squeeze

a. In turn, squeeze each finger of the left hand hard in your clenched right hand, then gently pull (not for arthritic hands). Keep with the feeling of tension in the active right hand as you do so.

b. Then put both hands together in the prayer position and rub vigorously for 30 seconds. Feel the tension.

c. Shake the tension out of your arms. Feel the relaxation.

You are reinforcing the relaxation response by pendulum type four-second in/four-second out breathing while carrying out mild stress and relaxation exercises.

If done conscientiously for half an hour per day you will be able to gain the first insights into the value of the relaxation breathing response and will be ready for the introduction of new relaxation facilitating experiences on Day Four.


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