Reset Your Body with Yoga

Got the end-of-summer blues? Kick-start your system with a re-energising workout from the Tone It Up girls.

As summer holidays fade to a distant memory and the days grow shorter and darker, it’s easy to feel a bit bleurgh. Lack of sunlight can send your energy levels plummeting, while the back-to-work routine can leave you drained. But, much as you might want to crawl under the duvet and hide until spring, the secret to feeling better is to take a deep, restorative breath and get your body moving!

‘We all want to feel like we’re light on our toes and our heart is shining forward,’ says US fitness duo Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn, aka the Tone it Up girls, authors of the new book Balance and Beautiful 5-Day Reset for your Mind and Body (Harper Collins, £20).

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‘When you get into a rut, or you’re feeling sluggish or tired, you need to take a step back and refresh. The best way to refresh the entire body is to work the entire body!’

Using every muscle boosts your metabolism, uses stored sugars in your muscles and sculpts you from head to toe, ‘When you move, you feel a release of tension and, after completing the workout, you’ll feel so refreshed you’ll forget what you felt like before!’ say Scott and Dawn. We asked the Tone it Up girls to share their top reenergising workout with you.

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