Resistance-band Benefits, social fitness and Trimmer Tums


I liked the ‘Join the resistance’ article about elastic bands in your March issue. I’ve been a fitness instructor (and H&F subscriber!) since 2003 and have been using elastic bands since then with my clients. They’re simple, cheap, portable but so effective for conditioning and stretching. New clients doubt their effectiveness, but soon change their minds! Sometimes I think the fitness industry goes mad with complicated, expensive or high-tech kit – I like to keep my classes simple and customers like that. There’s no wasting time figuring out what that new piece of kit does – just get on, use it, have fun and get fit. Anna Borghesani, by email

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I just wanted to say your article ‘Fitness: the new social scene’ (April issue) is great. I started going to a running club nine years ago and it was scary, but I’m still in contact with four people I met there and one of them is my best friend and godparent to my children. I am so, so glad I went along that day, and hopefully your article will encourage other people to go for it too… Katie Barker, by email


I was delighted with your 10-minute tone-up article ‘Trim that tum’ (May issue) because I began the exercises straight away and they’re working. I’ve struggled to lose belly fat in the past although I eat a healthy diet and exercise. Unlike muscle that you can target and make bigger exactly where you want to, you can’t target and zap away fat. I felt like I’d hit a weight-loss plateau, but these exercises seem to be toning my stubborn stomach. The plank drops are amazing. And the bear crawls, although they make my two-yearold giggle, are working a treat! Thank you. For a busy Mum who works, and can only fit in the gym at the weekend, these quick and effective exercises are a huge help. Jenna Maddocks, Herts

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