Restorative Yoga Poses With Bolster

This is a perfect tonic to increase vitality, agility, flexibility and creativity. It also tones and strengthens the arms and legs and builds stamina and confidence.

To preform, squat down on floor keeping few inches apart between feet. Place hands in between the legs in front of you and prop yourself up onto your toes. Nestle your knees so that they touch the inside of your elbows. On an inhalation, lift the legs up off the floor and hold, bringing your weight to rest on the arms.

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Yoga has become an essential part of my life since deploying to Iraq with the US Army. It has helped me with stress management, sleep and anxiety, and years later it has also evolved into creating peace during my pregnancy.

As I practise yoga, I imagine my little warrior princess growing inside, and doing the postures along with me. She always moves so much during yoga so I consider it a special bonding experience. I breathe deeply to connect with her and I hope she knows that each breath is done with love – for her and for me.

I’m now into my sixth month of pregnancy and, admittedly, my growing belly interferes with a few postures I used to do with ease. I’m not discouraged by the limitations. Rather, I accept the limitations and practise postures my body is comfortable and capable of doing.

Some friends have expressed concerns about working out and practising yoga during pregnancy. I can’t imagine my pregnancy any other way I am working toward a natural homebirth, and I am thankful for my midwives’ unwavering support for yoga.

Time will tell if my yoga practice will make the birthing process any easier. I have faith that simple things like practising to breathe and connect with the ‘here and now’ should help when her birthday comes. I figure if each breath I take during labour is done so calmly and with good intent then I don’t have anything to lose but the mental fear of birthing.

I’m so grateful for all that yoga has given me as a soldier, as a veteran and now as a soon-to-be mom.

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