Revolved Side Angle Pose Yoga

This chakra is associated with the element air, the shise of touch, the heart, the lungs, and the mantra yam.Revolved Side Angle Pose Yoga It is also symbolized by a black antelope speed and is presided over by Isha and the goddess Kakini. Manipura means jewel city. The manipura chakra is situated at the navel and is therefore related to the abdomen, back, spleen, stomach, and digestive system. It is represented by a yellow lotus with ten petals and is associated with the sense of sight, the element of fire, the mantra ram, the animal ram fiery energy, and the feet.Revolved Side Angle Pose Yoga This chakra is presided over by Rudra and Lakini. Swadhisthana translates into own base and is located at the genitals. This l ciated with the hands, reproductive organs, the sense of taste, and the element water.

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