Right kind of workouts

Right kind of workouts

The stress caused at the regions of the spinal cord is due to the muscular imbalances that take place throughout the whole body. This is due to the inconsistency of your workouts and the kind of workouts you are involved in. Bench press, crunches and bent-over rows when not done in the appropriate manner, leads to the rounding at the shoulder area and the spinal cord is exposed to too much pressure thus resulting in the back pain. This can be prevented by splitting the sessions of your workout that are balanced. It is better to work out on the chest and arms on a day and arms on another and legs on the next. Performing yoga for back pain also helps to cure back pain.

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Coming back from a weekend, the first moments at work can sound like a verified competition. The winner is the person who had the least fun and got the most tasks done. If you come in and declare, “Wow, my weekend was great! I did nothing!” you will likely be met with the sound of crickets.

It is time that we stop declaring our busyness as our identity. We are more than what we do and how many Facebook friends we have. Even if we did nothing, we deserve the very best. Start by giving yourself this awareness by reciting a mantra that is built into your very breath. Seeing that we breathe around 23,000 times a day, this certainly gives ample opportunity to find a meditative moment in your day. As you inhale think, release. As you exhale, think, ease. Then notice that there is a little pause between your inhale and your exhale. In this pause, add the word, relax.

Release. Relax. Ease.

Repeat this, even as sensations come up, even as sounds come into your awareness, and even as you insist to yourself that you need to get things done. Leave your dishes in the sink. Leave your email unchecked for a moment. You are busy being a blissful human being.

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