Right sleeping posture

Right sleeping posture

The posture you sleep also contributes to the health of your back. Always sleep with a straight posture with the arms and legs stretched. The mattress on which you sleep also holds the key. If the mattress on which you have the daily night’s sleep is stiff it is high time you get it changed into a medium firm mattress they are better in relieving you of the back pain.

In today’s world backache is a common problem amongst the young & old alike. There are many causes of backaches – physical, emotional, mental. A major contributing factor however is the lack of sufficient physical exercise combined with day-to-day activities that gradually weaken and ultimately damage the back.

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You need to become still. Sit down and feel where you feel stuck. What does stuck mean to you in this moment? Where can it be felt physically? Every time your logical mind interjects with a solution, bring yourself back into your body.

There are times when we are moving and there are times when we are still. Stuck is when we feel that we always have to be moving. Stay and listen. The solution may be more nuanced and quieter than you expect.

When you watch a toddler make a mistake, they just say the magic words “uh-oh” and then it’s all done with. Too bad there isn’t such a word in the land of adults. When we mess up, we can spend hours, days, and even weeks reliving the same experience and beating ourselves up.

Let’s treat this meditation as the equivalent of an “uh-oh.”

The next time you cringe at a mistake, sit and notice where the blame is lying. Is it with yourself? Is it with someone else? Try to just notice without reiterating the story in your head.

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