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We catch up with former Emmerdale actress Rokhsaneh Ghawam-Shahidi to talk about her new DVD. Roxy’s Bite Size Yoga.

When did you first start practising yoga? My first yoga experience was thanks to my grandma and her Barbara Curry yoga DVD. 1 was 17 and not the most Zen-like creature on the planet. Parties and dubiously applied makeup seemed far more interesting than physical discipline and meditation! But even at that young age, my infrequent and basic yoga practice still had a positive physical, emotional and lasting effect.

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What style do you practise?

I’ve practised many different types of yoga over the years. I like different styles at different times depending on how I’m feeling. Ashtanga is great for really challenging and empowering yourself, Yin yoga is wonderful before bed and to balance out a more dynamic practice, and Bikram is good fun when you just really want to sweat.

What makes your DVD different from other celebrity offerings?

I’ve never really used a ‘celebrity’ DVD before (although my grandma did have a Mr Motivator video alongside her Barbara Curry material – another reason I opted for yoga at that time!) so I’m not sure how mine compares. It sounds so simple but I honestly wanted to share what had worked for me. poses that I knew created real change. Yoga is part of my daily life. It helps me maintain a balanced body and mind and I know it will do the same for others.

Why Bite-size yoga?

I chose to work with bite-sized sections because when I’m on a really busy schedule splitting my practice up into manageable chunks means I always get it done! Everyone can find 15-minutes in the morning and evening; you might even find

15-minutes in your lunch break. This way you are always going to make time for you and it won t feel like a mammoth chore or daunting task that’s impossible to fit into your busy day. It becomes part of your daily routine like brushing your teeth. And if you have extra time, do the whole DVD or get down to a class.

How involved where you in the making of the DVD? The concept was entirely mine. Like I said, and I know it might sound cheesy, but I wanted to share with other people what had really made a difference to me. I have practised the routines in the DVD everyday for months.

Why did you include a recipe book with the DVD? For me, food and exercise are inseparable, the two things go hand in hand, there is no point working out and not eating well or eating good food and never getting of your backside. So I thought I’d include a few little recipes, all simple and tasty. So when I was given this fantastic opportunity to work with IMC Vision I was determined to bring a food element to the project too, and the team was completely open to the idea and supportive. So I’m very proud to include a really nice looking full-colour recipe booklet with the DVD – at no extra cost I might add!

What’s your favourite pose?

I don’t have one consistent favourite, as my preferences at any given time are always changing, however I always enjoy a Downward-dog.

Roxy’s Bite Size Yoga is available in shops and all the usual online stores £9.99. For more information, visit

Has yoga helped with your acting?

I think yoga has helped my acting in the sense that I have a greater awareness of my own body; I’m physically stronger so I have more stamina and I’m more focused. As an actor we have intense periods of activity then we might have nothing for a while, then we’re on stage or filming again. It can be something of a disjointed existence so the regular stabilising, focusing and clarity enhancing properties of yoga are of huge value to me. |

What’s next in your career?

I’m in Othello at the National Theatre, London until September. I’m really looking forward to performing one of the great Shakespeare works alongside the likes of Adrian Lester and Rory Kinnear as well as having a summer on the South Bank!

What are your healtWnd beauty regimes?

I exercise daily, no ifs or bf ts. for a minimum 30mins I eat fresh fruit and vegetables every day, and I only use 100% natural facial products and I can recom-

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