Safe Exercise During Pregnancy First Trimester

Safe Exercise During Pregnancy First Trimester

The process can be summed up in this way:

1. The monad has already chosen service on the Earth scheme involving the voluntary circumscribing of its sphere of activity in order to assist the Planetary Logos in carrying out his own sacrificial project on behalf of the Solar Logos.

2. Because of this free choice all monadic extensions are also imbued with the quality of free will. They may use this free will to limit their conscious cooperation with the monadic will, however nothing less than the monad can change the original monadic choice.

3. The personal self is composed of matter with a past history of rebellion to the monadic will. The matter which makes up the personal self instinctively moves away from the impact of the higher Will, experiencing it as threatening to the survival of the lower self. This rebellion results in the development of will within the lower spheres, and will eventually allow the higher Will to anchor more deeply into matter.

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4. The work of the transpersonal self or soul is to educate the lower self and solarise the matter of the lower three planes so that the higher Will can eventually operate there when the lower self decides to align with the higher.

5. When the lower will decides to end its rebellion and realign with the higher Will, then the Law of Destiny begins to supersede the Law of Karma.

6. When the wills of the personality, soul and monad are brought into alignment and there is a balanced flow between them, then the revelation of the Life which lies behind them and expresses through them can take place.

7. All the evolution through time and space of the monadic extensions has been in preparation for this revelation.

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