Safe Exercises For Pregnancy

Safe Exercises For Pregnancy

Commeasurement and Commitment

First of all the soul must decide how great a responsibility it can realistically undertake on behalf of the ashram. This will depend upon how much monadic energy the soul is able to carry, or potentially carry. The soul must then decide how much of that purpose can be expressed in the current personality incarnation, and what the capacity of the personality is to carry the fire of the ashram. When the soul is working through a group of personalities then similar assessments must be made. This commeasurement can be likened to the tuning of a piano wire. Too much tension and the wire will snap, too little and it will not ‘sound’ out its true note. The soul ‘stretches’ itself between the monad and the personality creating a living antahkarana down which the fire of Spirit may flow.

Once a commeasured responsibility is undertaken for a particular incarnation the process of full commitment of all available resources begins to take place. This is an absolute requirement and a stumbling block for many. I am not just talking about personal resources here but the resources of the soul garnered through many lifetimes. In order to grow, one must be on the growing edge. There is no room for what Morya calls ‘halfwayness’. A full commitment of all resources to the task is required, with the prior understanding that THIS WILL NOT BE ENOUGH. It could not be enough if the soul is actually to develop its strength and power to serve. This is an important point. The soul does not have the resources required to complete its responsibility at the time of taking on the responsibility. Full commitment of the resources that it does have however is a prerequisite.

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The commitment of the Agni yogi springs out of his alignment with Purpose. It is in reality a commitment to his own deep nature, the monad, and any achievements in the outer world are a result of this commitment. The Will is not desire, or determination which is really a form of coagulated desire. The way we normally understand ‘commitment’ is determination to achieve a specified outcome in the three worlds no matter what. Often in order to achieve the outcome the first thing that is sacrificed is spiritual principle in the name of compromise and ‘the way the world works’. We see this all the time in the political arena for example. This is not ‘Will’.

In Shamballa there are two groups, the Registrants of the Purpose and the Custodians of the Will. The first are responsible for alignment to the energy of Purpose emanating from the cosmic causal levels. The second are responsible for the implementation of that Purpose in time and space through the release of Will energy from the reservoir of Will held in Shamballa. This reservoir is sustained by the commitment of Sanat Kumara to his purpose and supplemented by the will of the Solar Logos and so on. It is in effect the commitment of God to BE who he is in spite of seemingly difficult external circumstances. It is a commitment not to modify or qualify his essential nature. Earth has a First Ray monad, and we might assume that it is this very quality of the Will-to-be that is needed to overcome the inherent resistances in the matter of this planet. The will does not modify and adapt the way that intelligence does. Nor does it love and educate the way that the soul or consciousness does. It rests in its own nature, the nature of essential divinity, and refuses to entertain any other reality. Sanat Kumara ‘lives’ in Shamballa on the monadic plane but he is not ‘of Shamballa’. He is not ‘of the cosmic physical plane’. His choice to Be here is freely given, and therefore the principle of Freedom lies at the very core of the planetary life.

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